(Working on remote capturing information for sustainable design. I love validating my simulations with real world measurements.)

Joe is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Simulation and Training (IST) at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. As part of IST, Joe researches with students high dimensional light transport problems, such as complex illumination, material appearance, physically-based simulation, and spectral rendering, which facilitate a unique approach to provide both more accurate simulations and efficient algorithms for simulating sustainable architecture and smart buildings. I research advanced numeric simulations that derive a building’s daylighting behavior, thermal performance, and material properties. I develop novel approaches for simulating, manipulating, and physically realizing sustainable designs in all phases of a building’s lifecycle. This research directly impacts smart-building design, smart-cities, early-stage design, and retrofitting buildings.

Joe was a Postdoctoral Scolar (and Research Associate) at Cornell University in the Program of Computer Graphics. I had the pleasure to be mentored by Donald Greenberg. Where I learned energy simulations were high dimensional light transport problems with more wavelengths than computer graphics.

Joe recieved his Ph.D. (and M.S.) at the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Joe was advised by Norman Badler and focused on Computer Graphics. My dissertation studied the Simulation of 3D Model, Shape, and Appearance Aging by Physical, Chemical, Biological, Environmental, and weathering Effects. This work simulated the change and aging of a material's apperance and underlying geometry. Joe also built the Multi Modal Motion Capture Facility and Library While at Penn, Joe ran the SIG Center for Computer Graphics serving as the Associate Director for three years. I also was a full lecturer in the Department of Computer and Information Science. Joe had the pleasure of teaching and advising the amazing students in Penn's Digital Media Design Undergraduate Program and Computer Graphics and Game Technology Master Program. Joe also proudly supervised many talented students who currently work for: Pixar, Google, Dreamworks, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Facebook, Blue Sky, Disney Animation, Autodesk and many other top companies.

Joe recieved his undergraduate degree (B.S.) in Computer Science (with minors in Mathematics and Political Science) from The Catholic University of America (CUA). While at Catholic, Joe interned for the Naval Research Labratory (2002-2003), NAVSEA - Naval Surface Warfare Center (2001-2002), and was on the Web Development team at CUA.

I am orginally from Philadelphia.

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