Thank you for your interest in my group!

In general, I run a lab with a variety of students from different disciplinary expertise - I have students from Computer Science, Modeling & Simulation, Architecture, Psychology, Human Factors, Engineering working on transdisciplinary problems that require people from all walks of life (all levels). Our group is always looking for highly motivated students. Please contact me if you are interested in working in the SENSEable Design Laboratory, the ChronoPoints Project, or you just need my help on a committee.

PhD Students

Our group is always looking for highly motivated PhD students so, if you are interested, I encourage you to apply to the PhD program at the Modeling & Simulation Graduate Program which is part of the School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training. This is a highly interdisplinary program. I can also advise PhD students in the Department of Computer Science. NOTE that the application will ask you to name the faculty members you may be interested in working with, so if I'm one of them do make sure to mention my name in your application.

I am extremely passionate about research and I find great joy in my work, so group culture/ teamwork means a lot to me. I am looking for students from diverse backgrounds, diverse displines - who are hard-working, inquisitive, passionate, collaborative, and kind.

Undergraduate students

I am excited to work with undergrads and often accept them to work in my lab. There are many great programs at UCF - (EXCEL, RAMP, RAMA, etc.). Often these programs provide funding to students. I encourage all of my PhD students and Postdocs to work with undergrads.


Postdoc positions are very limited, but if you are interested in a possition please email me directly.